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 3875 Northdale Blvd.      Tampa, FL 33624


​​​​​   Thai Curries

Chicken,pork,tofu or vegetable $12

Beef or Shrimp  $13   Seafood $14

Red Curry

Bamboo shoots and bell peppers, blended with coconut milk and topped with fresh basil .Served with jasmine rice

Green Curry

Green peas,bamboo shoots,bell peppers,eggplant blended with green curry paste and coconut milk then topped with fresh basil.Served with jasmine rice.

Panang Curry

Bell peppers and Kaffir lime blended with panang curry adn coconut milk

Served with jasmine rice

Yellow Curry

Yellow curry, potatoes with coconut mile and them topped with wok fried shallots.

Served with jasmine rice

Masamun Curry

Yellow curry cooked with coconut milk,peanuts,potatoes then topped with wok fried shallots, Served with jasmine rice

Our Special Curries

Chicken,tofu,vegetables or pork $13

​Beef or shrimp$15 Seafood $16

Jungle Curry     

Mixed vegetables cooked with chili sauce and a special curry sauce-no coconut milk

Served with jasmine rice

Pumpkin Curry

Sweet pumpkin,bell peppers and basil leaves blended with a red curry sauce.

Served with jasmine rice 

Noodles and Rice

Chicken,vegetables,tofu or pork $12 Shrimp or Beef $13

Seafood $15

Pad Thai

Thin rice noodles with scallions,eggs, ground peanuts, bean sprouts in tamarind sauce.

Thai Sweet Basil Noodles

Wide rice noodles with green beans, onions with basil leaves prepared in our own chili hoisin sauce.

Pad See -Ew

Wide rice noodles with broccoli,eggs and soy sauce

Stir Fried Clear Noodles

Stir Fried clear noodles with egg and vegetables

TSB Fried Rice    

Stir fried rice with green beans,onions and bell peppers in our own chili sauce-NO EGGS

Fried Rice           

Stir fried rice with onions,eggs,scallions ,cilantro and tomatoes

Our Special Fried Rice

​Combination Fried Rice $16

Wok fried rice with beef,chicken,pork and shrimp, mixed with scallions,eggs,cialntro and tomatoes   bamboo 

Pineapple Fried Rice $16

Stir fried rice with chicken,shrimp,eggs,blended with pineapple,raisins,carrots and cashews and our own curry sauce.

Crabmeat Fried Rice $16

Real crabmeat in stir fried rice with eggs,onion,cilantro and tomatoes

Our special dishes

Duck Basil  $22

Our signature dish-crispy duck in our own basil sauce with bell peppers,green beans and onions in our delightful  basil sauce

Duck Curry $22

Crispy half duck in red curry sauce with pineapple,bamboo shoots,water chestnuts,tomatoes,bell peppers,onions and basil leaves

Orange Plum Duck $22

Crispy half duck with bok choy and oranges in a delightful plum sauce

TSB Salmon $19

Grilled salmon with green beans,bell peppers,oranges and basil leaves in a rich basil sauce

Panang Salmon $19

Grilled salmon in panang curry with steamed vegetables

WasabiScallops  $20

Seared scallops in a wasabi teriyaki sauce

Tamarind Fish   Market Price

Deep fried whole fish with scallions,celery,ginger,mushrooms,onions and bell peppers in a tamarind sauce.

Snapper Triple Taste Market Price

 Deep fried snapper with scallions,bell peppers,cilantro,and basil in a spicy sweet and sour sauce

Garlic Scallops $19

Seared scallops with onions prepared in a garlic and black pepper sauce served with mixed vegetables

Volcano Scallops $19

Seared scallops in a spicy chili sauce with mixed vegetables

TSB Soft Shell Crab $19

Deep fried crab topped with green beans,bell peppers,onions and basil surrounded with our spicy chili sauce-

Soft Shell Crab Green Curry $19

Deep fried crab with bamboo shoots,green beans and basil in our own green curry sauce

Amazing Eggplant $15

Sliced eggplant battered and fried with vegetables prepared in a delightful peanut sauce

Evil Jungle $16

Grilled beef,onions,scallions,cilantro,mint,mangoes,avacados,oranges,tomatoes and noodles prepared in a chili lime dressing topped with ground peanuts

Fancy Ba-Mee Seafood $20

A delightful medley of shrimp,squid,mussels,octopus and egg noodles  stir fried with vegetables in our special sauce

Amazing Beef or Chicken $16

Chicken or beef with mixed vegetables in our delicious peanut  sauce

Grouper Plum Sauce $20

Deep fried grouper with bok choy in our plum sauce

Grouper Chili $20

Deep fired grouper in our special chili sauce with vegetables